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Gastric Sleeve Procedure

I have decided to have a gastric sleeve procedure! I'm quite nervous about it but feel it will be beneficial for my health. Currently my BMI is between 34 and 35, and I also have high cholesterol. After doing extensive research about this procedure I have found the the mortality is quite low. The procedure will be done via laprascopy and should be done within an hour.

I will be going to Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas, they offer a unique and innovative form of the gastric sleeve procedure that will hopefully be safer. They provide hotel accommodations, transportation from the airport to hotel, and transportation to and from the appointments. I will be in Las Vegas for a total of 5 days.

Concerns I have:

  1. Pain after surgery: from what I have researched, people have expressed significant pain after surgery which they contribute to the air from the procedure.

  2. GERD: I have seen in peer reviewed studies that this may be a side effect of the procedure, short term or long term. I currently don't have an issue with excessive GERD so I'm hoping I can avoid this.

  3. Dehydration: since the procedure involves reducing the volume of my stomach, I may have difficulty with keeping adequate fluids down.

Having listed my areas of concern, I am looking forward to losing weight and improving my overall health. The reason why I decided to take this route it because I have PCOS which has made it significantly difficult to lose weight. For a while I have felt helpless and have a growing fear that I will develop significant diseases like diabetes or hypertension. I am looking forward this journey!

Long Island Laprascopic Doctors, n.d.

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