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Nurse Demanding Change

It is no secret that this year has been extremely challenging, there has been limitless challenges and obstacles nationally and worldwide. We are in an unprecedented health crisis caused by COVID-19, this virus has physically and emotionally ravaged our communities. Health care crises is not new to this country, inequitable and deficient care has been an ongoing issue in this country. Sadly, the pandemic has overwhelmed the broken healthcare system which has had a difficulty time keeping up with the influx of acutely ill patients. Historically and presently, the patients that are most affected by this dysfunctional system are from ethnic and low-socioeconomic communities. These communities are suffering higher incidences of mortality, morbidity and lack of access to adequate healthcare. There has not been enough emphasis on these issues, this problem is lacking adequate attention and resources.

These issues need to be addressed in various ways, including increasing clinics, diversifying the healthcare field and providing individualized healthcare education for people with varying cultures and beliefs.

I want to delve into these topics and discuss real solutions to the problems we are currently facing. I want to know your ideas and opinions too. Also, I want us all to remember that we can make a change by demanding it or by creating the solutions ourselves.

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